Cannon Productions – Recent Work – Spring/Summer 2013

Fire up that kettle, pop some corn, sit back, and enjoy the collection of works that we’ve recently completed.

Gorge Sessions presents The Gorge Sessions

Global Sessions from Cannon on Vimeo.

Timberline Early Spring 2013 from Cannon on Vimeo.

Life in Board Time – Jonny Sischo from Cannon on Vimeo.

Windells Academy 2013 Graduation from Cannon on Vimeo.

Timberline Park Session – February 2013 from Cannon on Vimeo.

Global Sessions – Best Western Event from Cannon on Vimeo.



Check out the teaser for Afterhours from Ian Post & Crew…

afterhours from afterhours on Vimeo.

Afterhours on DVD & iTunes September 2012

Featuring boarding from: Luke Haddock, Yale Cousino, Riley Nickerson, John Murphy, Hans Mindnich, Jeremy Cloutier, Phil Tardif, Nick Poohachoff, Zack Wilmot, Ralph Kucharek, Shaun Murphy, Nils Mindnich, Nic Marcoux, Kim Rune Hansen, Keenan Cawley, Matts Kulli, Ian Boll, Sawyer Deen, Charles Reid, Alan Parenteau, Zander Blackmon, Nial Romanek, Jeff Deforge, Tyler Lynch & more

Filmed throughout: Quebec, Denver, Boulder, Tahoe, Vermont, Mt Hood, Superpark 16, Massachusetts, Connecticut, California & more

Support from: Burton, Rhythm, Rome SDS, The Collective, Banshee Bungee, Gnarly, Method Mag & Steez Mag
Video: Ian Post
Additional Video: Eric Durand, Stephen Wojciechowski, Ian Compton, Hans & Nils, Eric Lamothe, Kevin Poirier
Distributed by WAX |

Windells Academy – Schoolisode XIII

Summer has officially begun, and we’re at Windells to catch the action…

Windells Academy – Schoolisode XIII – Session 2 from Cannon Productions on Vimeo.

For Session 2 we took an industry trip to K2 in Seattle with a stop at Pike Place Market, and then topped it off with a Mariners game. Mix that with rock climbing in Portland and plenty of riding at Timberline and the Windells Park, and you have a recipe for a great start to what is going to be an epic summer!

Windells Academy – Schoolisode XI

Windells Academy – Schoolisode XI from Cannon Productions on Vimeo.

With the 2011-2012 school year coming to a close, a spring trip to the Oregon coast was in order. Follow Windells Academy students as they go whale watching, crabbing, skating, surfing and visit the Oregon Coast Aquarium.

Special thanks to Marine Discovery Tours for the amazing whale watching and crabbing experience!

Hank Savage gets after a wave on South Beach

Windells Camp – Session 1

With a mix of snow and sunny skies, Windells summer session 1 felt like winter at first. Catch the action in these edits from Windells Camp!

Jeff Curry

Summer camp is here! But how much snow does Mt. Hood have? Well, I'm not exactly sure but during Session 1 we were still getting it! There isn't much thats better for boardin' than a pow day in June followed by sunny and warm 80º day! The campers and staff were crushing it and having a blast all session long.

Filmed by: Alexandra Erickson, Jake Strassman, Tyler Malay, Will Start, Ian Macy & Ian Post.
Edited by: Tyler Malay & Ian Post.

Camp is in session with some fresh June snow to start off the summer. With 5 inches of fresh one day, then 80˚ and sunny the next – the weather made for some fun times on the mountain. Banks Gilberti and Karl Fostvedt checked in for the Poor Boyz Productions takeover and got there fill of skate and ski action.

Filmed by: Jake Strassman, Will Start, Tyler Malay, Alexandra Erickson, Ian Macy & Ian Post.

Edited by: Jake Strassman & Will Start